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Relaxing Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi lomi more than just a physical massage it is a holistic healing treatment using body work and intention. Lomi lomi is traditionally a long oil massage where the practitioner uses their forearms, hands and sometimes elbows. With long rhythmic strokes that vary in depth and intensity and continuous movement around the body, lomi lomi is flowing and dynamic - it clears, nurtures, relaxes and is highly beneficial to the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and digestive systems. Lomi Lomi creates a sense of well being, raises your self esteem, bringing the joy of life to your body and a feeling of peace to your mind. Lomi lomi massage is a deeply relaxing massage, excellent for releasing the physical, mental and emotional stress that can be caused by modern living.

Because of the use of oil and for the flow of the massage it is preferable to receive lomilomi without any clothes; you will be kept covered with a loin cloth or the sarong throughout the massage. The oil Zanna uses for Lomi Lomi massage is a blend of sweet almond and fractionated coconut oils; they are of a high quality and excellent for the skin. 


  • Helping to improve circulation, strengthening the immune system

  • Helping to eliminate toxins from the body and tissues

  • Helping release tension

  • Helping release stress 

  • Helping to slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure

  • Improving relaxation and sleep

  • Improving posture

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