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Mobile Service

Booking yourself at home massage means you'll enjoy massage therapy delivered right to your very own home. No need to worry about searching for the nearest massage place or walking in only to discover no availability.

Each patient is treated as an individual and we endeavor to liaise with all concerned when treatment is required. If you have difficulty getting to our practice – perhaps you’re immobile, live in a care home, have difficulty with transport, or are housebound – we have the solution!

Traffic can sometimes be challenging and cause us to be late. We will always update you with potential delays and if you are happy to start later then the full cost will still apply. However if you are unable to work round the delay then the treatment will be cancelled and no charge will be due, if payment has already taken place for the treatment this will be refunded.

The minimum fee travel expenses is £10 

Parking cost paid by the client.

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